Wrigley and Haley – Paw Paw, Illinois

“Just had to share – right now we have two calm dogs lying in the living room. Wrigley is watching TV and Haley is snoozing at Dana’s feet. What happy owners we are becoming. THANK YOU so much for helping us with this situation.” Sharon – Paw Paw, Illinois

ZOIE – Chicago, Illinois

After the loss of both of our older Weimaraners Chloe and Sadie, we adopted a rescue dog and named her Zoie.   This was a new direction for both of us.  We loved both of our dogs, yet we were very aware that their behavior was not,  shall we say perfect.  It was the classic case [Read More]

BLU – Australian Shepherd, Mendota, Illinois

Between my sons and myself, we have  4 horses, 6 dogs and then some.  We don’t hesitate to add a pup to our pack, especially one needing a good home.  Needless to say why we have so many dogs.  I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable with dogs and for the most part they are [Read More]

Marley – McHenry, Illinois

Marley was the perfect puppy. He was smart, sweet and beautiful.  He was the easiest puppy to potty train.    But as he approached the year and a half mark, his behavior was developing into a problem.  He was always a little leery of strangers, but now he was beginning to show aggression.  He began charging [Read More]

Duke and Gracie – Sandwich, Illinois

When Eileen starts the dog training process, her style truly does embody the name of her website. “A Whole New Dog” and should include “whole new  owner” You will find that she comes to your home and gets to know your family, your dogs as well as your environment. She listens , observes and tailors [Read More]

Nickels and Memphis – LaSalle, Illinois

Tired of isolating ourselves from others because of unpredictable dog behavior, we made one last attempt at training with someone advertising at our vet’s office . In one short visit, dog trainer Eileen showed us how to easily regain control of our house, and our dogs. It was affirming to discover that we were not [Read More]

Charlie – Algonquin, Illinois

Recently my wife and I visited a friend’s house for dinner.  These friends have a dog that’s normally locked in a room due to a fear that their dog might bite.  During this recent visit we encountered a whole new dog.  The dog had been recently trained by Eileen of “A Whole New Dog” and [Read More]

Bella – Leland, Illinois

Eileen, when you entered our home, my family had about given up hope that Bella could be a social dog and they wanted to re-home her because everyone feared being bitten. I knew I was the problem but I didn’t know how to help her. Dr. Zollers sent me to just the right person! You have saved [Read More]

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