Is your dog over excited when someone comes to the door?

Would you like your dog to listen better?

Wish you could walk your dog without being pulled along the way?

Professional Member IACP

Eileen Balcom-Vetillo specializes in private training for the family dog. She offers personal one-on-one dog training with an emphasis on promoting better communication between you and your dog. Learning to speak “Doglish” helps to ensure a safe and happy life together. Imagine having a dog that comes when called, listens to you and is an absolute joy to be around. She offers personal training in your home or at her facility.

Located on over 30 acres of woods and pastures in Illinois, A Whole New Dog offers a peaceful environment to work with your dog. Whether your dog is from an urban or rural area, Eileen will teach your dog to behave in all environments.

MARV was having a bad hair day.
Love those eyes. ❤️❤️❤️
Patti, my co pilot, sound asleep while driving home from Dubuque.  Thank goodness I know my way home.
MARV and his best bud, Champ 🐾❤️
MARV’s first pack walk in Dubuque! 🐾🐾
Finding a nice cool place.
Lilly loves to shop in style!
Best Friends, a fire and a chainsaw!  What more could a girl want?
Two dogs, two different colored eyes.
As long as a part of you is touching, it’s still Place!
I should have named him ‘slinky’!
Just a regular pack walk with Captain Kaboodle, the cat.
What a beautiful spring morning!
Therapy for the day.  Making egg noodles with Anna!
Dog door mat
Rigby in Anna’s daffodils!
Fishing for ‘cat’ fish! #waterdogs
Practicing on a nice warm day! #dogtraining

New Puppy Coaching

This is our number one recommended program for your new puppy. Your puppy is a blank slate. Get started immediately by teaching your puppy how to live with you and your lifestyle.

Good Dog Program

This program begins the foundation work towards a well-trained dog. We teach you how to improve your dog’s behavior in and outside the home. A dog that not only listens when he is on leash, but is also reliable when the leash is off.

A Whole New Dog Residency

This program is highly recommended when your life is too busy to allow you to build a foundation with your dog. Let us do that for you. Your dog will live with us in our home. This program creates a well-trained dog.

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Eileen Balcom-Vetillo

Eileen is a certified professional trainer, passionate about helping build a better relationship between you and your dog. She prides herself on being a good listener and communicator. Her approach to dog training is to help the dog and its family communicate better with one another. Her calm approach backed with an understanding of how dogs learn, makes her training very effective for both dog and family.

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