Our Staff

A Whole New Dog dog training


Hopper is our Senior Guidance Counselor.  He is a registered Therapy Dog.  Hopper is the easy going cool dude everyone likes to have around.   He displays calm and stability to new pups here for a stay as well as to those just visiting.  Everyone loves Hopper.



Lilly is our Associate Professor.  One can learn a lot of ‘Doglish’ by observing Lilly’s actions within the pack.   She is an excellent teacher for the young pups who are learning their boundaries of acceptable behavior.  She helps keep order within the pack, especially with those boisterous adolescent pups.  She loves to monitor the playground activities making sure no one gets too excited or rambunctious.  She also is a registered Therapy Dog as well as an accomplished retriever.   She loves picking up and carrying objects as directed, including the day’s mail.

Patti Cake “Patti”

Patti joined our team as a ‘temporary’ work study project at the request of our Vet.  Her original owners had relinquished her and paid for her one-way ticket ‘over the bridge’ claiming she was vicious.   We implemented our ‘these are the rules’ with Patti, establishing what behavior was allowed and what was not.   Over a short period of time, Patti discovered her fear of people and strangers was unwarranted.  She gained confidence as well as trust, by observing the rules and boundaries set in place.   Patti soon earned her permanent position as Preschool Specialist.  Her petite size is a welcome invitation to the little pups that come on board.  But her fairness and extreme clarity in educating a new puppy is amazing to witness.

Colonel Kaboodle & Captain Kit

Kit and Kaboodle are our Instructional Assistance Team.   They are extremely interested in the success of each student who comes to work with us.  They provide that extra something that helps us ‘proof’ the learning curve of all students.   Our pack walks wouldn’t be complete without the accompaniment of this special team.

Bambino, Jake and Mack

Bambino, our miniature donkey, Jake, our Quarter Horse Paint, and Mack, our Haflinger make up our Campus Supervisor, Groundskeeper and Resource Assistant.   Their presence on campus provides a key socialization element for young as well as older dogs to experience.  Their calm demeanor allows less experienced pups to overcome their fears and experience a bigger world than what they’ve been used to.