Eileen is a certified professional trainer, passionate about helping build a better relationship between you and your dog. She prides herself on being a good listener and communicator.  Her approach to dog training is to help the dog and its family communicate better with one another.   Her calm approach backed with an understanding of how dogs learn, makes her training very effective for both dog and family.

Eileen has three dogs;  Hopper and Lilly (registered therapy dogs) and Patti.  They, along with her two cats, two horses and a miniature donkey, partner with Eileen when working with and training other dogs.   Hopper and Lilly also volunteer their free time to visit libraries, schools, nursing homes and hospitals in Illinois.

Eileen graduated from Robin MacFarlane’s E-cademy Trainer’s School.    She is also a graduate of Behesha Doan’s Extreme K-9′s Canine Behavorial Psychology Academy, as well as Michael Ellis’s The Principles of Dog Training Course.  Eileen is an honorary consultant to Dr. Colleen Dell of the University of Saskatchewan.  She currently mentors with Mary Mazzeri of Care Dog Training.  Mary is one of the co founders of the International Association of Canine Professionals, of which Eileen is a professional member.

Eileen is passionate about continuing her education in working with people to improve their relationship with their dog.  She has and continues to attend training workshops and seminars across the country taught by Robin MacFarlane, Tammie Rogers, Scott Harris, Kayce Cover, Bart Bellon, Michael Ellis, Andrew Ramsey, Kyra Sundance, Francis Metcalf and Chad Mackin.

Eileen is a professional member of IACP, International Association of Canine Professionals.

For more information contact: awholenewdog@gmail.com.

Or contact Eileen at: 815-751-6309.