Stay and Learn Program

Don’t have the time to devote to your dog’s training? This Residency programs may be right for you. Residency programs are perfect for those of you who want to give your dog the advantage of having a professional as his initial instructor.

We specialize in teaching dogs the skills they need to succeed, off leash, in your home or out in the world. When your dog stays with us, he stays in our home, as part of our family. We only train one dog at a time allowing us to provide your dog with the time, consistency and structure needed for training.

The “Stay and Learn” Residency Program

This Advanced package is for the owner who wants to be more involved in the training process.  This program begins the foundation work towards a well-trained dog. A dog that listens to you both on or off leash. Your dog lives with us for the first four days while we work closely with your dog one-on-one.  We provide 3 follow-up lessons, 2 at our place, 1 at your home. We teach you how to communicate and work with your dog.  We teach you how to improve your dog’s behavior in and outside the home.  You will learn the importance on becoming your dog’s leader and why and how to instill boundaries within your home.

What your dog will learn:

  • Leash Etiquette / Manners
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stop Barking, Counter Surfing
  • Wait at all doorways, including car door
  • ‘Place’ Command – Teach your dog to go to a specific place
  • Off (get off people, counters.)
  • Confidence Building
  • Drop it
  • Leave it
  • Reliable Off Leash Recall
  • Socialization
  • BONUS : Place board and all training equipment included
  • BONUS : Group Pack walks
  • BONUS : Unlimited E-mail & phone support