Marley – McHenry, Illinois

Marley was the perfect puppy.

He was smart, sweet and beautiful.  He was the easiest puppy to potty train.    But as he approached the year and a half mark, his behavior was developing into a problem.  He was always a little leery of strangers, but now he was beginning to show aggression.  He began charging the front door when someone would visit, barking out the front windows at anything passing by  and running the fence barking at all of our neighbors.  When we did have company over, he was fine until the company was about to leave.  Twice he attempted a bite when a guest hugged me goodbye.  We were not happy with Marley.  It was very frustrating for my husband, my daughter and myself.

Eileen introduced us to the e-collar.  She worked with Marley and both my husband and me.  We established a whole new set of rules for Marley and our family.   No longer would I be the only one feeding Marley.  The whole family became involved in showing Marley what was expected of him.  Eileen instructed us to use a place command with Marley.  We used this when anyone came to visit, leave and also at dinner time.  The e-collar made our communication with Marley possible.  He caught on quickly and seemed more content.

Eileen worked extensively with Marley and strangers.  We incorporated a reward system with guests.  Once our company was in our home, Marley was released from his place.  The company was given a small treat bowl and was requested to give Marley a treat reward once he did something for them.  It was comical to see what he would offer.  It might be a paw and if that didn’t work he would do his dead dog, roll over routine.  His behavior with company did a 180 all in thanks to the e-collar training pared with positive reinforcement.

We love Marley.  He is now a happy, relaxed member of our family.  Since our training with Eileen we noticed Marley sleeps on his back.  He would NEVER do that before.  I am convinced he feels secure and happy with his new life.  Our daughter, Lauren, who was never really fond of dogs, especially Marley, has also done a 180.  At bedtime, it is our evening ritual to read a story.  Lauren now requests Marley get up on her bed so she can  read to him.   Marley waits for permission to be invited up and once he is on the bed, he lays perfectly still listening to Lauren read.

Thanks to  Eileen and her knowledge working with all of us using the remote collar,  Marley truly is a whole new dog.

Ann, Tim and Lauren Spears