Duke and Gracie – Sandwich, Illinois

When Eileen starts the dog training process, her style truly does embody the name of her website. “A Whole New Dog” and should include “whole new  owner”

You will find that she comes to your home and gets to know your family, your dogs as well as your environment. She listens , observes and tailors the training to your family/dog.

About the e-collar,  I had no idea about it, I had misconceptions about it. Once I was educated about it, it is a tool that I will now never be without for any of my dogs, now and in the future. The tool will pay for itself several times over. The results being well mannered dogs, a more confidence owner. A calmer household. You will welcome someone coming to your door and truly having  your dogs part of your family as they should be. Instead of dreading when the doorbell rings or when you have visitors come to the door. I wouldn’t be without dog food, a leash or a dog crate, now I would not be without e-collar. I would recommend it, hands down to anyone.

Eileen is so patient and works with you and the dogs. She never left me feeling nervous or unsure. She was patient in her coaching skills no matter how many times I needed to work a command. I don’t feel my dogs love me less or are fearful of me. Actually, I think they are relieved that they I have their back and they feel safer, happier.

When I would watch TV programs about ‘energy’ being a factor in training a dog, I never understood it fully until I was able to experience it for myself with the help of Eileen and her patient coaching skills.

Once you feel that energy, you as well as your dogs are in a new mindset. It is fabulous. We still have work to do but now I have the ‘foundation’ as Eileen says, to build upon to have dogs that are happy, balanced and safe.

Having my dogs safe and mindful of  me is what I originally called Eileen for. I feel much more confident in me and that ‘energy’ truly does cross over to my dogs. I feel that I can keep them safe and I know now they feel that from me as well. I feel a did confidence about myself as well in relationships with my family and co-workers. It is a full circle.

So if anyone has a dog that is in charge instead of you, Eileen is the one to work with. She will be forever in my life, I have learned so much from her on so many levels. I cannot thank her enough and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so very much.. I am beyond thrilled, results so much greater than what I expected. I am so happy!

Anna & Jim Davies

Gracie, Duke and Bert

Sandwich, IL