ZOIE – Chicago, Illinois

After the loss of both of our older Weimaraners Chloe and Sadie, we adopted a rescue dog and named her Zoie.   This was a new direction for both of us.  We loved both of our dogs, yet we were very aware that their behavior was not,  shall we say perfect.  It was the classic case of acquiring two dogs both at a very young age and they mirrored each others behavior, which wasn’t always the best.   Although we were still grieving our loss, we knew we needed to fill our life with a dog.   We were wise enough to not let our emotions take us down the wrong path.  We wanted to start our dog parenting properly.  Eileen of “A Whole New Dog” helped us through some of our decision making while dealing with loss and looking forward to new.

We adopted Zoie as a rescue.  She is about a 16 months old “puppy.”   We were attracted to her looks and her quiet temperament, which was so different from our other dogs.   Once home,  we discovered  Zoie had some issues.   Zoie had a problem with separation anxiety and crates!   Her first week in our home she decided to redecorate by making a 8” x 24” hole in the laundry room wall after she escaped from her first of three crates.  We decided to be open and honest with our decisions with Zoie.  We wanted a dog we could be proud of.  We wanted a dog we could take to family member’s homes.  We wanted a well behaved balance dog.  We contacted Eileen of “A Whole New Dog”.   She explained so many subtle things that we never gave a second thought about.   We innocently were encouraging her anxiety by not setting rules and boundaries.    Eileen works exclusively with remote collars or e-collars.  We decided to incorporate an e-collar into Zoie’s new life.

We quickly learned all our negative thoughts about e-collars were untrue.   Eileen was clear on her explanations and coaching us with the e-collar.  Zoie responded beautifully.  On our very first lesson, Eileen brought one of her dogs with.  We introduced both dogs after working with Zoie and the e-collar.   Once Zoie had her first lesson and understood what we expected, we introduced both dogs.  Hopper was a perfect role model.  He walked into the crate with Zoie right behind and between lessons, there they rested.  Success – Zoie now enjoys her crate.  We decided not to attach the gate.  When we are not home, Zoie has the kitchen and family room to roam about.  We have had no other destruction issues.

We understand Zoie’s training is on going.  Eileen has shown us how every opportunity is one to teach.   Doorways, place boards, feeding, they all work with our busy schedule to show Zoie with the assistance of the e-collar, what is expected of her.   She is one very happy dog, as are we.  The e-collar allows us to communicate with her what we expect and in doing so she is relaxed and comfortable in her new home.  The e-collar is the best decision we have made in making this dog a part of our lives.  Because of it she understands what is expected, and for that she really is a happy, well-adjusted dog.  Zoie has now become a very welcome member to my sister’s homes.  She is very well-behaved.

There is no question that purchasing the e-collar and Eileen’s help was exactly what we needed to help Zoie adjust to our home.


Patrick and Mary Layco